About 3D Print Army

The 3D Print Army is a resilient Ukrainian community dedicated to aiding our country's defense efforts. For over a year, we have utilized 3D printing technology to produce a plethora of useful tools for our valiant defenders.

Am I Able to Print?

We are seeking individuals with 3D printers who are ready to invest their time and effort to create critical items needed by our troops. Rest assured, we will guide you on how to achieve high-quality prints.

Who are we supporting?

Our reach is as extensive as our ambition.From the frontlines to FPV-pilot training schools, we distribute meticulously crafted 3D printed items to the courageous defenders of Ukraine across all sectors. We're not just working alone – we are part of a dynamic network collaborating with organizations equally passionate about aiding the Ukrainian Army. We're here to empower, ready to transform a filament into vital equipment that fortifies our nation's defense.

How Can You Lend a Hand?

If you're picturing us surrounded by blueprints and active printers, always in need of plastic, you're absolutely right! Every coil of filament can be transformed into a piece of vital equipment, so we're deeply appreciative of any donation. But remember, our mission resonates beyond material aid. Your voice can amplify our cause: share our story with friends, feature us on your media platforms, or invite us for an interview. Join us in creating a symphony of support for Ukraine!

Would you like to join the team?