Terms and Conditions for the «PrintArmy» Service

General Provisions

The «PrintArmy» service allows military personnel to order 3D-printed products for free. Printers can register in the system to provide printing services. Donors can make financial contributions to support the project through the official website.

For Military Personnel

Military personnel must register on the website, providing their rank and unit. They can submit requests for printing products necessary for their service tasks. Military personnel are required to provide accurate specifications and requirements for the products.

For Printers

Printers register on the site, indicating their capabilities and the types of 3D printers they own. They receive printing requests from military personnel and agree to carry them out on a voluntary basis. Printers send the printed products to the military at their own expense or with funds received from donor contributions.

For Donors

Donors can make contributions through the official website. Financial contributions go towards the purchase of printing materials (plastic, etc.) and the cost of delivering products to the military. All 100% of donations are directed towards the implementation of the project's goals, namely: purchasing consumables (plastic, resin) needed for the functioning of PrintArmy. purchasing components for complex products (springs, bolts, etc.) The balance of funds from the current month's collections carries over to the next month for the entire duration of PrintArmy's operation. We print for victory. By pressing the pay button, you agree that the donation is non-refundable. Donations are received into a separate account of the CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION CF "FREE. UNDEFEATED. CARING" which operates under the statute, exclusively for the implementation of PrintArmy's goals. Name of the organization: CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION «CHARITABLE FOUNDATION «VILNI. NESKORENI. NEBAIDUZHI». Recipient's code: 44858295 Name of the bank: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK" Recipient's account in IBAN format: UA313052990000026000040810747 Currency: UAH Phone: +38 066 412 93 82 Address: Ukraine, 43025, city of Lutsk, B. Khmelnitsky street, 16/1 Email: [email protected] Reports are published monthly on the reports page https://drukarmy.org.ua/reports


The «PrintArmy» service is not responsible for the misuse of printed products. Military personnel are obligated to use the products strictly for their intended purpose.


All user data is processed in accordance with current personal data protection legislation

Changes to Terms

These rules and conditions must be confirmed by users upon registration in the «PrintArmy» system and are mandatory for all parties involved.

Last change date: 01.12.2023