3D PrintArmy Press Release
Date: 18.06.2023

Contact: Yevgen Volnov
[email protected]
Telegram: @volnov
Tel.: +38(073)920-78-04

Ukrainian prankster Yevgen Volnov, known to all as Major Chornobaev, has launched a nationwide project 3D PrintArmy.

3D PrintArmy — is a community of Ukrainians who have been manufacturing (printing) everything that can be useful for use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for over a year now.

Here, any soldier can order:

  • Slides, tails, and nose pieces for dropping from drones
  • Launch platforms for drones
  • Innovative ammunition of various modifications
  • Holders for tablets
  • Trench periscopes
  • Spectroanalyzers
  • Various consumables for both military and paramedics
  • Repair services for Starlink and drones

All these products are printed by members of our team, which anyone can join - all you need is a printer worth $330 and plastic ($11 per kilogram).

We invite to the platform: soldiers, printers, manufacturers, donors, and recruiters.

A friendly community helps to understand 3D printing, choose and configure a printer, learn to print well. So even if you are not familiar with 3D printing, - it's not a problem.

Both adults and teenagers print. Even parents of soldiers join and print, it's not difficult at all. Given that our enemy outnumbers us, everyone who associates their future with Ukraine and wants to bring victory closer with their own hands should join the 3D PrintArmy.

3D PrintArmy is not just about 3D printing. The platform also brings together manufacturers who do not try to make money on the war, but on the contrary - create necessary products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and give them away for free or at cost price.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, more than 25 tons of plastic have been printed

Join 3D PrintArmy in a way that you will be most useful!